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Our Philosophy

Welcome to Helping Hands Recovery Center, South Florida’s #1 Treatment Center for Women, specializing in substance use disorder and trauma recovery since 2015


We open our facility to women, 18 years and older. Whether you have been struggling with addiction and mental health for many years, or a recent situation has set off a cycle of substance use, we can provide the right treatment for you.

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Helping Hands Recovery was founded on the philosophy that recovery begins with empowering women to break the cycle of addiction and mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Our client centered program is based on a trauma-informed care approach that addresses the woman as a whole, and helps them identify, develop, and apply the life skills needed to have a happy and healthy future. Our clinical team is made up of Psychiatrists, Licensed Clinicians, and Certified Addiction Professionals that are passionate about helping women overcome, heal, and grow from their experiences. 


Evidence has shown, over the last several decades, that over 80% of women seeking treatment for substance use disorders have also suffered a form of emotional, sexual, or physical trauma in their child or adult lives. Our clinical program is designed to work with women, hand in hand, to transform those negative and painful experiences to a path of empowerment, resilience, and happiness. Our team is dedicated to providing a safe and secure clinical framework and support system to help women navigate through the sometimes painful process of breaking the co-occurring substance use and trauma cycle.

Optional Housing Upon Request.

Most Insurance Accepted.

Our Philosophy
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