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Support Programs & Services

Family Program

At Helping Hands Recovery Center, we believe addiction is a family disease. We work very closely with each individual’s family members in order to help foster connections and rebuild relationships. Most people in addiction come to learn that the sources of their addictions are intertwined with their interpersonal relationships. Rebuilding healthy family systems helps in achieving long term sobriety.

Alumni Program


You may be wondering what happens after completing our program at Helping Hands Recovery Center. Having continued support after a client completes the program is vital in preventing relapse. The Alumni Program is a great way for our clients to stay connected and involved in our community. Helping Hands offers an online support group exclusively for our alumni and we periodically invite our alumni to participate in an Alumni Night as a way to foster continued recovery support. 

Case Management


Case management at Helping Hands is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet our client’s individual needs. Under case management, all external community or business resources are provided to the client as needed in order to help life flow more efficiently as the client focuses on staying sober.


Bookmark the Resources section as well as the Daily Content section of our website for easy reference and continued daily support.

Optional Housing Upon Request.

Most Insurance Accepted.

Alumni Program
Family Program
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