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What to Do Prior to Arrival:


1. Make sure your insurance is current and that we can accept you on the confirmed date... Verify Insurance

2. Fill out the intake forms attached to this link.


3. Have all prescribed medications listed and cleared with your doctor and Helping Hands staff PRIOR to your arrival.

4. Have your deposit paid. Call 954-261-2580 with your credit card.

What TO Bring:


1. Your Driver's license and Insurance card.


2. Bring enough clothes for X weeks... Toothbrush, blowdryer, etc...

3. If you already have them, bring your Big Book, 12 &12 and any meditation books a journal to write in.

4. Cell phones and vapes are permitted, just not permitted in groups.

5. Bring an open mind!

What NOT TO Bring:


1. Obviously, no street drugs or alcohol, unprescribed medications.


2. No pets please.

3. A bad attitude.



1. Words here.

Optional Housing Upon Request.

Most Insurance Accepted.

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